Sell your car and use these!

A brief review of Car Club/Sharing schemes which I've used (Mostly London)


I live in London. The public transport is rather good - you may hear us complain about it a lot
But there are still times where a car is the best way to go.
If you don't own a car then dealing with Car Hire companies and all their paperwork is enough to make you consider taking that antique table and shoving under the armpit of a fellow train commutter.
But now there is a solution in for form of Car Clubs and Car Sharing schemes

I have been a member of some of these schemes for ages, but only in the past year have I actually sold my car as there is no real need for me to put up with the maintenance, parking and insurance hassles

Here is my experience from a London perspective. I will add more as I use them (feel free to suggest in the comments)! (although most operate in many other places) - Discuss at the bottom!


Cost to Join: £4.99 with This link
Joining Bonus: 25 free minutes
Annual Cost: Zilch
Cost to Use: usually 39p per minute but sometimes drops to 29p
Areas: London: Islington, Hackney, Haringey and the lower half of Waltham Forest
also Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden
Vehicles: Various BMW/Mini (including Convertibles and i3)
Fuel: Included
Congestion Charge: £5 (Free with an i3)
Club Type: Point to Point (within Business Area)

A relatively new scheme and only covers a few boroughs but really useful as you can drop anywhere, pay per minute and now also has convertibles. There always seems to be a car nearby


Cost to Join: £59.50
Joining Bonus: £25 driving credit if you use This Link
Annual Cost: £59.50
Cost to Use: From £6 (capped evenings and weekends)
Areas: All of London: Also Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow Maidstone, Oxford.
Other Countries: Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Canada, US
Vehicles: Mostly Golfs, Fiestas and VW Transporter Vans
Fuel: 30miles Included per day
Congestion Charge: Included
Club Type: Put it where you got it (Cars dotted all over)

Been around for perhaps a decade now (when they were known as Streetcar), I've mostly used them for renting Vans as they have quite a few about.
Needs more thought put into it than Drivenow but if you want a car/van for the afternoon/evening then they are the way to go.
They have to go back to where you got them but then that always guarantees there is a place to put them!


Cost to Join: Free
Joining Bonus: £10 with This Link
Annual Cost: Nout
Cost to Use: Set by owner
Areas: London (says UK but not much choice elsewhere yet)
Vehicles: Allsorts of cars
Fuel: Usually Refill at end
Congestion Charge: Not Included
Club Type: Renting other people's cars

I have not used these so much as being a bit British I am too worried I will get someone else's car dirty or damaged in a way I care not for a hire car!
But they do have quite a few more interesting


Kabbee Good for prebooking cabs from reputable Taxi Companies
Uber Good for an spur of the moment pickup without the payment hassles and insecurities of other cabs
Europcar Good for longer rentals - Good loyalty bonusses